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USAT Rules

USAT stands for USA Triathlon. USAT is the national governing body for triathlons in the United States. The Honolulu Triathlon is a sanctioned USAT event.

Some of the most common infractions include:

  • Glass in the transition area

  • Bicycles racked on the wrong rack

  • Missing handlebar end plugs (Disqualification – safety)

  • Assistance along the course (e.g. help with wet-suite removal)

  • Missing or unbuckled bicycle helmets

  • Drafting, blocking and position foul on the bicycle

  • Use of headphones


If the water temperature is under 78 degrees Fahrenheit wet-suits are allowed.

If the water temperature is over 78 degrees Fahrenheit wet-suits can still be worn; HOWEVER athletes who wear wet-suits must start in the wet-suit wave (see schedule for more info) AND are not eligible for awards.

The water temperature will be determine on race day morning

USAT Age Groups:

Your USAT age is how old you are at the end of the race year, NOT ON RACE DAY!

For example, if you are 29 years old on race day, but your birthday is after race day then your USAT age group is 30, not 29.


More details on USAT rules:

Click HERE for more USAT rules and explanations.

*Note: We do not enforce every single USAT rule. Please refer to the Online Briefing for final rules.

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