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Looking for a training group?

Hawaii Triathlon Center

HTC located in Kaneohe offers weekly training session in groups and individual sessions.

Ben can be contacted at

Adult Training Information

Youth Training Information

Triple Fit Hawaii

Our goal for this program is to prepare you, the triathlete, for any distance by training smart using varied movements, alternating intensity, improving skills, staying healthy/injury free, nutritional awareness, being safe, and most importantly having fun.

Boca Hawaii

Raul Boca leads year long training programs from his Cook Street headquarters next to the Bike Factory. An accomplished Ironman finisher, Raul’s clinics get you in shape for marathons, bike races and more. Beginner to advancer — Boca Hawaii is a place to shop, train, and catch the latest tips. Log onto or call 591-9839.

Aloha 3.0 Athletics

Aloha 3.0 Athletics represents a new and enhanced generation of coaching.

Marion Summerer is a former elite triathlete holding a Masters in Sports Sciences, Diagnostics & Training. Whether you are novice or elite you’ll get the cutting-edge combination of latest research findings, year-long professional experience and supporting interpersonal communication to achieve optimal training adaption.

Aloha 3.0 Athletics currently offers free training advice to all athletes participating in the Honolulu Triathlon and free group training sessions on Oahu. 

Contact Marion via +1 (808) 308 8987 or

Brian Clark Training

Now in its 20th year, the program is led by Brian Clark — one of NCAA’s top milers in the mid 1980’s. Brian trains athletes for marathons, trail running, ‘fun runs’, and offers year long triathlon training. Based from Kalani High School, you’ll see the sites of Oahu on his weekend workouts. To be on the mailing list call Brian Clarke at 737-4340 or e-mail and get in shape.


Camp Bennett is a USA Triathlon and USA Track and Field Certified Club with USAT Certified Coaches and Retül Bike Fitters. We are serious about training, but we are also serious about having FUN!  We have a great line up of classes, clinics, and training that will help YOU reach your fitness and wellness goals. As a Kailua non-profit, we also offer several FREE classes in fitness, nutrition, and bike maintenance. Come join us for ON and OFF-ROAD fun on the Windward side.  Learn more at CAMPBENNETT.COM or call Coach Amy at (808)478-3694.

Team Jet

Led by the irresistibly enthusiastic Chet The Jet Blanton, Team Jet’s distinctive red and white colors can be seen all over Oahu during the year. Chet is the world record hold for the double decca — 20 Ironman tri’s in a row in just over 18 hours. Chet and his team will get you in shape regardless of your goals. Log on to or call 265-3610.

Tri Fitness

This all women’s training program operates year long. USAT coach KC Carlsberg provides expert training and advice. Some women just want to train with other women, KC explains. Her programs are popular and the results are great. Competition, fitness, and confidence are sure fire results. Log on to or call 946-0346.

Tri Moving

Led by long distance specialist Gary Sato, the program is year long offering expert training for all Honolulu runs, rides, and tri’s. Gary has 12 Hawaii Ironman finishes to his credit. Now in his third year, Gary has a USAT sanctioned triathlon club, the only one in Hawaii. Be a part of Tri Moving, and try moving! For information log on to or call 542-3579.

The Active Ohana

As the coaching solution for Texas State University Triathlon, we know the importance of achieving results and balancing a busy life and schedule. Our athletes are looking for results while still holding down full-time responsibilities. The Active Ohana offers selective coaching for busy professionals looking to strike the balance of challenge and life, ensuring tailored training, achievable goals, and amazing outcomes. For information log on to

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