Olympic Triathlon

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This description also covers the Relay Teams

1.5K Swim – The Swim course is in the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean at Ala Moana Beach Park - Magic Island. It’s a single loop course that takes you along the shore which offers a great location for spectator viewing. The swim course is monitored by life guards, jet and rescue skis.


The Bike Course starts at Magic Island – Ala Moana Beach Park.  The Bike Course will be held on the Makai (ocean) side of Ala Mona Blvd from Ala Moana Beach Park, Ewa bound, to Nimitz under the viaduct, past the airport to the turnaround at Arizona and Nimitz – Halawa Gate (the intersection just before the Arizona Memorial).   YOU will make a 180 U-turn and return to Nimitz under the viaduct, making a right on Lagoon Drive, riding on the Diamond Head Side to the end, and then back to Nimitz, making a right and back onto Nimitz and Ala Moana Blvd, to Ala Moana Beach Park.

Mobile bike support will be provided on the course.  Should you need assistance, please be patient until bike support arrives.   It is your responsibility to know the course.


The run course is beautiful, fast, exciting, closed to vehicle traffic and very spectator friendly.  You’ll be running inside Ala Moana Beach Park which is one of Honolulu’s favor waterfront parks. The run begins at the Transition Area – Magic Island. You make your way through the park to the WEST entrance. Just before that entrance you will take a RIGHT onto a short path.  Once you get to the first bridge, you will make a RIGHT and cross over running on the inside path heading towards the EAST entrance.  Just prior to crossing over the next (Arch) bridge, take a RIGHT heading towards Magic Island.  At the beach road take a LEFT and run around the lagoon.  Once you are heading back towards the bridge you will make a short turn right then left onto the outside path which paralles Ala Moana.  At the end of this path, you will cross the first bridge to begin your second loop making a LEFT.  Cross the “Arch” bridge at the end of this path, make a LEFT re-joining the outside path.  At the end of the path re-join the beach road heading back towards Magic Island and the finish line.  You pass the transition area and make a loop around Magic Island and the beautiful Lagoons heading towards the finish line.  Study the maps and course.  Signs, Coning, and Course Marshals will be provided.  There are 6 aid stations on this course.   It is your responsibility to know the course.

NOTE: The map image is used for illustrative purposes only and may not represent the latest course; always use the link at top to download and view the latest course map available.


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