“Just run for fun” and other tips from child triathletes

While our nation battles an overwhelming obesity epidemic and much of the media laments lethargic “kids these days,” we are finding some encouragement in the significant surge in multisport youth events and inspiration from the children taking on the challenge of participating in them.  Here are just a few of their wise words:

Don’t give up.

“Stick with it and try your best because you will improve yourself.  And it’s a lot of fun and it’s rewarding.” Gina Johnson, a 15-year-old member of the MMTT youth triathlon team. Source

“Just run for fun.  Who cares if you don’t win at first?  It will get better.”  Marina Ahner, 13-year-old triathlete who has already participated in six events.  Source


Tri something new and become a well-rounded athlete.

“It’s fun because there’s more than one thing to do.”  Youth triathlete, Sydney O’Clery. Source

“Triathlon is kind of a unique sport and it makes you different from everyone else…It’s fun because you get to do three things at once.”  Gina Johnson, a 15-year-old member of the MMTT youth triathlon team. Source


Inspire others.

“Maybe if I do it, other people will start doing it, and other special needs kids will be able to get out and start doing it.” Nine-year-old triathlete, Conner Long.  He made it possible for his younger brother, Cayden – who has cerebral palsy – to compete in triathlons and athletic events. Source


The Honolulu Triathlon encourages a healthy, active lifestyle for children and offers several options for youth to get involved in our event: Kids Tri (7-10 years), Youth Tri (11-15), and Junior Tri (16-19).


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