To all triathletes and cyclists on Oahu,

The Honolulu Triathlon is happy to announce its partnership with Spinlister, the leading global peer-to-peer bike sharing platform with bicycles in over 65 countries.

In order to attract a wider audience to our race we hope, with your support, to offer more rental bikes and give people who might not have a bike or coming from outside of Hawaii a chance to experience our event.

List your Ride

Give some details & photos of your bike. Spinlister will review it and make it live.

Communicate and Approve

Renters will send you requests with a date & time. You can approve it or suggest a different time.

Rent it Out and Make Money

When the renter confirms and pays they can pick the ride up. Spinlister will pay you after the rental is complete.
Suggested listing price during the Honolulu Triathlon for an aluminum frame is $50-$100, carbon frame is $100-$150 (24hr rental)

Spinlister Guarantee

Although it is unlikely that anything bad will happen to your ride on Spinlister, we know that you need peace of mind. If your ride is damaged or stolen during a rental period, Spinlister will make sure that you are properly compensated. Spinlister will replace or repair your ride up to $10,000 for bikes.
Benefits for the Renter: If you don’t have a bike or it’s too expensive to ship your bike to Hawaii then take advantage of this great opportunity to rent a nice bike for a reasonable price.